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About Me

My name is Joseph Kent, but I used to be in a band called “thinksobrain,” so everybody calls me “ThinkSoJoE.” I host an award winning podcast called, appropriately, The ThinkSoJoE Show on All WNY Radio. Prior to starting that program in 2016, I worked as on-air talent for the network since 2010, while also running my own professional wrestling podcast known as Bored Wrestling Fan Radio. I had previously studied communications and media arts, albeit breifly, at Niagara County Community College in hopes of becoming on-air radio talent. In late 2015, a co-host from my wrestling podcast suggested to me that I try doing voice over work, and here I am. I’ve been working via Fiverr, where I have over 900 five-star reviews on my work and have built a strong relationship with my clients.